Monday, 8 December 2014

Loud Woman in Theatre

Download if you wish.

Okay, it's hardly anything genius, just a noise drone, but I like something about it. Good for annoying the neighbours I suppose. I had real problems with the low end (and the whole spectrum really); really boomy at 90-100Hz, so it's been eq'd and compressed/gated quite a lot. Lots of defects all over.

As is usual when doing this stuff, I had other ideas for it after it was finished, but in a mood because I wasn't really satified with it I deleted the original project files in haste. Still, I can start afresh, which is usually better in my opinion.

It is a heavily processed version of this sound by freesound user Klankbeeld, cheers Klank. I chose it specifically because of its quietness (I wondered, what's in there?) and partly because of the sample's title, which I liked and that inspired me to make it a loud woman in a noisy theatre. Which is which is anyone's guess. Only four differently processed tracks of the original sound comprise whole thing.

Processing: quite simple. Severe hardlimiting in Cool Edit over 90% clipped. Positive contrast with dtblkfx (yep, the fucking best free software ever written. GRM Contrast Sucks in comparison). Distortion from Trash. Reverb from Reflect. And post with Ozone 4. I'll refrain from using the word "mastered" with Ozone 4, as I'm far from that level of expertise.

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