Wednesday, 5 November 2014

we love to kill each other (this again)

This sound I recorded whilst playing HL2DM. You can hear my little female feet running around (I always play with female models) I don't, or can't do that bunny-hopping thing for long, hurts my wrist, but I do admire those who do and love to watch them. Here's one of my favourite players (again below).

This upload is intended only for processing if that kind of thing interests you. Not something I can upload to freesound for obvious reasons. I've been playing since 2005 and I still love this game and it'll be a long time before they make a fps multi-player better than this, if ever. The .357 Magnum is my favourite weapon, sometimes I wish I was born in America, but I'm sure I'd blow my brains out. I'm a child.

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