Monday, 10 November 2014

Trashing river sounds

 Firstly, this gets very harsh and loud at about 37 seconds, mind your levels. All sounds are processed versions of this recording by corsica-s

I originally intended to process different river sounds from freesound and mix them together, but there were just too many and settled on this one for no particular reason other than it was a good clean recording. First thing to do is amplify it to death with hardlimiting at almost 100% clipping. Then I filtered all that noise out with the positive contrast effect in dtblkfx (usually I use that to create drones which was my original idea, but changed my mind) and then processed it with the LFOs in the pre-filter module of Trash to create rhythms. I did about five or six variations of this, cut them up, roughly arranged them and applied more distortion and amp models to get that guitar sound. There's also a drone like sound which I kept in there too and a few other Trashy manipulations. I'll probably upload some individual tracks to freesound for those who might be interested and who can do this mixing/musical thing better than I. I'm pretty crap at it I admit, but mainly I just love to change sounds into other sounds.

Also. This is the third version of this, if you think this is bad, you should hear the others. Maybe I'll upload them or continue to evolve this one. Generally though I get bored with using the same sound, even though it's all just waves in the end.

Download if you wish. I wouldn't, I think it sucks.


Jeff Carter said...

That's awesome. in every way.

toiletrolltube said...

Hi Jeff

It's been a while since I actually got into the anatomy of the thing and god it's difficult, but very rewarding at the same time.

Working on the last version, just a few things to fix like timing and other details. Hopefully I won't kill it.

I mixed this one down and uploaded for three reasons, 1: to see what needs to be done, 2: to have a record of it and 3: I worry about disasters happening such as sinkholes, asteroids, power/hardware failures, illness etc and not being able to finish it. Kind of joking about the third one :)

Erik Bartlam said...

Oh Lord do I love this one.

I come from a place where sinkholes are not infrequent...when the lake would dry you could see where the sinkholes were...they'd still have water in them. Then you could go across the lake bed into the woods where you'd find these perfectly symmetrical holes in the ground...100 feet across...with what looked like Cottonmouth incubators at the bottom. They never went dry.

toiletrolltube said...

Well, it was supposed to be a first draft, ok, maybe third, I lie. Then I tried to fix the timing of the track with that stabbing/distorted sound that appears half-way through (It was wrong. What ever happened to: "I'm not interested in musical timing?" :) Anyway, I completely ruined it, so here it is, as it was.

I live in a high-rise (worrying enough) and dreamt (I'm sure dreamt is a word, but I'm presented with the squiggly red line) some months ago that a sinkhole appeared right outside my building. I'm still worried about it. We do get them in the uk, although quite rarely. If I don't post again, you know I've been swallowed by the earth.

I used to spend at least a week on a painting on an easel, now I don't even trust a day on a hard drive. Too much hurry and worry.