Monday, 3 November 2014

Palling A Fart

Freesounds used: Jovica Corsica_S naturenutt download if you wish

I threw this together in a drunken haze yesterday evening and then awoke to find a dent on the front of my computer case, a roll of toilet paper on the carpet and an empty beer bottle standing on the sofa cushion, and other general chaos. Don't mix sounds and drink I suppose is the lesson I should learn, or, don't become friends with a fart. Could have been worse though, at least I didn't piss in one of my boots in a state of somnambulism thinking it was the toilet, that has happened, not to mention other inappropriate sleepwalking urinations. Must be some kind of atavism to my bedwetting days, I still had a plastic under sheet when I was fifteen. I just looked up hangover in my dictionary and learnt a new word: katzenjammer, "Disagreeable after effects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)" Anyway, enough bullshit. Here is another sound that needs a lot more added to it and some more subtracted, but I'm lazy and it's pointless so I'll just continue on to the next pointless sound. Done!


Erik Bartlam said...

The "beats" are now an essential element to these damaged sounds.

When I was in the Army a good buddy lived in married housing with his family. We used to get hammered and play spades all night. Without even the excuse of being asleep, I got up from the table and walked right into the daughters bedroom and started to urinate on the bed (she wasn't in it thank God...and in my defense it was right across from the bathroom)...fortunately the wife caught me, pointed me in the right direction...and no real damage was done.

Erik Bartlam said...

I read it before it disappeared it was killing me.

Just to demonstrate how things have changed...I woke the other day with icing in my beard. I had raided a pan of cinnamon rolls in the middle of the night (I get hungry man)...and went back to bed with icing on my face.

That's not a bawdy's just sad. Hilarious...but sad.

I'm not in a position to listen right now but I will.

toiletrolltube said...

Ah, glad you did. Just changed my mind when I was sober, usually happens.

You can't argue with the stomach.

Mind your ears when you do listen, it's a bit ear piercing.