Monday, 10 November 2014

Trashing river sounds

 Firstly, this gets very harsh and loud at about 37 seconds, mind your levels. All sounds are processed versions of this recording by corsica-s

I originally intended to process different river sounds from freesound and mix them together, but there were just too many and settled on this one for no particular reason other than it was a good clean recording. First thing to do is amplify it to death with hardlimiting at almost 100% clipping. Then I filtered all that noise out with the positive contrast effect in dtblkfx (usually I use that to create drones which was my original idea, but changed my mind) and then processed it with the LFOs in the pre-filter module of Trash to create rhythms. I did about five or six variations of this, cut them up, roughly arranged them and applied more distortion and amp models to get that guitar sound. There's also a drone like sound which I kept in there too and a few other Trashy manipulations. I'll probably upload some individual tracks to freesound for those who might be interested and who can do this mixing/musical thing better than I. I'm pretty crap at it I admit, but mainly I just love to change sounds into other sounds.

Also. This is the third version of this, if you think this is bad, you should hear the others. Maybe I'll upload them or continue to evolve this one. Generally though I get bored with using the same sound, even though it's all just waves in the end.

Download if you wish. I wouldn't, I think it sucks.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

different version of previous sound

freesounds used: fgpkeys hifijohn thanvannispen
Slightly longer with different ending. Download if you wish.

Friday, 7 November 2014

forced sounds, they're so tasty - if you like junk noise.

This uses the following sounds by freesound users: 250678 38672 245443. That's all I can be bothered to say, except that: the summer's too warm for butter, and the winter's too cold for butter. Download if you wish.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

we love to kill each other (this again)

This sound I recorded whilst playing HL2DM. You can hear my little female feet running around (I always play with female models) I don't, or can't do that bunny-hopping thing for long, hurts my wrist, but I do admire those who do and love to watch them. Here's one of my favourite players (again below).

This upload is intended only for processing if that kind of thing interests you. Not something I can upload to freesound for obvious reasons. I've been playing since 2005 and I still love this game and it'll be a long time before they make a fps multi-player better than this, if ever. The .357 Magnum is my favourite weapon, sometimes I wish I was born in America, but I'm sure I'd blow my brains out. I'm a child.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Palling A Fart

Freesounds used: Jovica Corsica_S naturenutt download if you wish

I threw this together in a drunken haze yesterday evening and then awoke to find a dent on the front of my computer case, a roll of toilet paper on the carpet and an empty beer bottle standing on the sofa cushion, and other general chaos. Don't mix sounds and drink I suppose is the lesson I should learn, or, don't become friends with a fart. Could have been worse though, at least I didn't piss in one of my boots in a state of somnambulism thinking it was the toilet, that has happened, not to mention other inappropriate sleepwalking urinations. Must be some kind of atavism to my bedwetting days, I still had a plastic under sheet when I was fifteen. I just looked up hangover in my dictionary and learnt a new word: katzenjammer, "Disagreeable after effects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)" Anyway, enough bullshit. Here is another sound that needs a lot more added to it and some more subtracted, but I'm lazy and it's pointless so I'll just continue on to the next pointless sound. Done!