Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

the charles bukowski tapes (part 1)

download if you wish.

This is an edited and processed version of my favourite interview/documentary, no exceptions, and I must have watched it over a dozen times. Over the course of viewing and listening I noticed that in the silent parts there appeared to be other recordings, a bit like when you record over an old tape too many times, previous recordings still remain like layers. So here I've cut out all the interview parts to leave only the spaces in between. I've then applied a serious amount of amplification, then used positive contrast with dtblkfx (vst) to remove unwanted noise - about 45%. Processed further with Ozone 4 and a little reverb provided by Reflect. There might be a "part 2" if I get around to editing the second cd. Pretty boring (although I do love the mood it sets in my head). Not intended as stand-alone listening, more orientated towards video background sound, but god knows what as I don't make video, maybe I will. Probably they'd be as minimal and as pointless as this. But I kinda like pointless.