Saturday, 15 March 2014

More 2008 missing files

Here is me attempting to make something like more conventional music in 2008. Sounds like synths in Red Sunglasses, but it's actually bitmaps converted to sound in Cool Edit then layered at different pitches and times then played through a guitar amp. They're all out of time, out of tune, but to hell with it anyway. Part of me likes them and another doesn't. Déjà Vu contains Half-Life 2 voices, I used to play that game far too much and felt quite sad when those beautiful women were killed in battles against the Combine. Yep, I'm quite sad like that. I've uploaded these here before, then deleted them, so here they are again. Pretty much the same description applies to the other two here. Sounds better with headphones.

If you wish


Jeff Carter said...

These are great.

toiletrolltube said...

Hi Jeff, I'd like to comment on your blog, but blogger won't let me post comments anywhere except here. Very odd indeed.