Saturday, 1 March 2014

House cleaning and what have ya...

...well, kind of. Decided to separate words and pictures etc to my other blog. I guess most people who visit here, do so to hear sounds, and don't want a torrent of bullshit to wade through. So, sticking with the original plan. Also, other house cleaning. The hard drives. Decided to stop dual booting with Linux, it's getting far too messy and complicated doing separate back ups, so I'm going back to Windows permanently. I actually had to toss a penny, (one I found some weeks ago) because I'm so indecisive. The outcome was what I wanted anyway. Now I just have to decide between XP and W7, probably the latter as I'm in the mood for change and moving forwards. Finally! Besides, it's going on an advanced format drive, so best to go with a modern OS. Linux is a great idea, but I really don't have much use for it. So, hopefully I'll get back into making some new sounds for this blog soon.


Erik Bartlam said...

I found the torrent engaging...not good like haha but, certainly more compelling than the usual bullshit people talk about to cover over the actual existential issues that are eating them.

The sounds are good too though...they'll be especially good when I'm on cough syrup later tonight (sadly not purely a recreational pursuit tonight..I have picked up something nasty from my five year old).

toiletrolltube said...

Well, I suppose I'm quite surprised, and in a sense, bewildered that anyone would read this stuff.

I'm sure there'll be more torrents of bull and nonsense with a pinch of perversion and a few sprinkles of banality when I resurrect the other blog. It's all fun, and kind of strange to do.

Thanks for dropping by.