Monday, 10 February 2014

Junk Mail Centerfold

This ought to drive people away. Yep, I'm/was a sick little monkey.

I Haven't done one of these in ages. I've had plenty of orgasms of course, but just not photographed the results. I don't buy magazines anymore; not in many years, but I do receive quite a lot of junk mail, so why not do something semi-creative or funny with it, instead of moaning about the stuff? I'm sure a lot of people will find this objectionable, sad, childish or sick. But I don't care, this is me, or part of me, literally. This one has been given a rough Photoshop edit; simply copying the 'r' and pasting it into 'pick' with a few other minor and obvious modifications. It's hardly high art, or art at all, so why labour over it?

These older ones I've decided to put back up here are from Sunday Newspaper Magazines, and they still make me laugh.

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