Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Xephyr Drones


Jeff Carter said...

these are great. What did you use to create them?

toiletrolltube said...

Hi Jeff. I've updated the description, hope that is useful. I've really got into using a lot of positive contrast on noise (in combination with other effects) to unearth hidden sounds. That's how I see it anyway. Of course, reverb with modulation plays a large part in enhancing the results, not to mention Ozone 4, which I adore. Also, Dtblkfx VST is amazing software, get yourself a copy. And if you can find an old copy of dear old Cool Edit 2.1, you can make some interesting stretched sounds by experimenting with splicing frequencies and overlapping amounts. Audition is similar, but somewhat limited in the splicing frequency range it allows. Have a nice day.